Many people have asked about the journey that led me to become the Director of the Greene County Humane Society. Like many of you, | was born with a special affinity for creatures great and small.

I followed my Biology major in college by working with many species of animals.

This is a photo of me with an Amazon River Dolphin with whom | worked for six years. Although I do not support plucking animals out of their natural environments, this poor dolphin was alone in a zoo. The wise Aqua Zoo director felt it only humane to give him company. After intensiv training, I was selected as one of eight people who gave companionship and enabled this dolphin to work with his veterinarian for regular and stress-free check-ups.

Since 1995 | have worked here with the same motivation as | had with Chuckles the dolphin: to improve the lives of unwanted or mistreated dogs, cats and farm animals. | believe that all animals are important and have a right to live in a safe and happy environment. Our world would be colorless without them.

The Greene County Humane Society is filled with kindness and hope because of our caregivers, our volunteers and compassionate people like you.We want the very best for every animal in our care.

Thank you for helping us to continue our mission to make the world more humane for all living creatures.



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