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Animal abuse investigation

We have specially trained and licensed staff who investigate reports of animal abuse, whether pets or livestock.

Our investigations involve looking at the animals in the living situation in which we find them. We may take pictures, and, if there is a problem, we will contact the owner to try to improve things. If the abuse is severe, or if we are unable to come to a satisfactory arrangement with the owner, we may take the animals, and we may seek further remedy through the courts, under Pennsylvania state laws that protect animals.  Call us if you know of such an abusive situation at 724-627-9988.

Injured wild-life

Wild animals that are injured are best left alone, but, if you want to report such a situation, contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  If you find wildlife that is injured or homeless, you can contact Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitators.  Those closest to Greene County are:

  • Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife League Shelter and Wildlife Center   412-345-7300 Ext 210 or Ext 500 or email Wildlife questions to Jill at
  • Visit the Pennsylvania Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators for more information at


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