Every year, homeless, abused and unwanted animals find their way to the Humane Society of Greene County. With a mission of finding each animal a loving home, the dedicated staff and volunteers love, care for and rehabilitate cats and dogs until they are ready for adoption. Thanks to their ambitions, on Saturday, June 1, another deserving cat found her forever home.

With kitten season in full swing, Hallie Barno came in with the hopes of finding a companion for her six year old cat, Ruby and a new addition to her family. After looking through room after room of young cats and kittens, Hallie began to feel overwhelmed and uncertain, until she met Gracie, an eight year old calico.

Animals of all ages enter the Humane Society, but often times, older animals have a more difficult time finding their permanent homes. It is not unusual for families to want to adopt an animal that will grow with them, which places young kittens and puppies at a higher rate for adoption. Like other adopters, Hallie knew exactly what she wanted before she walked in.

“I adopted my first cat when she was two years old and I already knew that I wanted to adopt another older cat,” said Hallie. “When Toni introduced me to Gracie, I fell in love.”

It only took a couple of minutes with Gracie in her arms before Hallie knew she was the cat she would be taking home that day. Excited for this new chapter in both of their lives, Hallie and Gracie headed home, after posing for a quick picture.

“Before adopting Gracie, I frequently thought about what it would be like to own two cats instead of just one,” said Hallie. “I expected it to be a lot more hectic when in all actuality, Gracie has brought such joy into my life.”

Laid back and dainty, as Hallie would describe her, Gracie is making herself comfortable in her new home. After only a week, Gracie and Ruby started to bond, and Hallie began discovering her unique habits and personality, like the way she drools when she purrs.

“The most enjoyable part of Gracie’s adoption is knowing that she will never be given up again and will be with me for the rest of her life,” said Hallie.

Understanding the impact that can be made by adopting animals from local shelters, Hallie stands as a great example to the community of what can happen when someone reaches out. Thanks to Hallie, and people like her, animals are continuing to find their forever homes.

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