Hello wonderful supporters of the Humane Society of Greene County!

‘Tis the season to begin shopping for that special gift for those special people in your life. When you do, please consider registering with and shopping through IGIVE.COM.

This is a free program that takes a percentage of your on-line purchases and generates money for the Humane Society of Greene County. It doesn’t cost you anything! You simply register at IGIVE.COM and select the Humane Society of Greene County as your specific charity. Each time you are ready to shop, simply log into IGIVE and then begin shopping or browsing at your favorite stores. IGIVE donates a percentage of your purchases and even gives a small amount for simply browsing. IGIVE will keep track of the amount of money that you have raised for the Humane Society and show you the total each time you log in.

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Connie Hart

Humane Society of Greene County – Treasurer

PS. When you register with IGIVE, it will ask if you would like to have an IGIVE toolbar. It is recommended that you answer this question ‘No’ as it can become a nuisance.

Your generous donations keep our shelter doors open.
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