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The Humane Society’s Volunteer Program has options to enable humans to help our furry friends. There are options for those who wish to work “hands-on” with the animals in our care, as well as positions for those who prefer to work off-site in the community on our animals’s behalf. For more information about volunteering, please talk to a staff member regarding volunteering, or e-mail the shelter at humanegreene@windstream.net.
    Our Friends Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who meet periodically and organize fund-raising and public awareness events. They organize things such as bake sales, our annual yard sale, participation in parades, pictures with Santa Paws, car washes, etc. Participating in the Auxiliary is a good way to get to know people and make new friends while making a difference!
    Homeless animals need lots of love and care while at the shelter! Volunteers monitor cage and kennel conditions, assist in cleaning, and exercise the cats and dogs. It is important that our furry friends get lots of exercise, so walking and brushing dogs, and playing with the cats is vital to their happiness. Socializing with our dogs and cats is how they learn to live with each other and with humans.
    The Humane Society office is open on a volunteer basis on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM. Good customer service and making visitors feel welcome at the shelter ensures that their visit and adoption experience is the most pleasant possible. It also ensures that each animal finds a “Forever Home.” Volunteers answer phones, provide information and support to people who call in, take lost and found reports over the phone, match descriptions of lost pets to animals at the Shelter, and greet visitors. Currently, we need someone to cover the phones on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    Volunteers do Lost/Found report cross-referencing, record-keeping, filing, computer data entry, and a variety of other clerical activities.
    Volunteers assist our shelter visitors to find the right pet. They explain the adoption process, show visitors around, and make sure that questions get answered. In addition, each animal needs proper bedding, food and water, toys, and signs to help them find their “Forever Home.”
    We take cats and dogs to sites such as PETsMART located in Washington, PA in an effort to get these animals adopted. PETsMART is an alternate adoption site. Periodically, we coordinate Adoption Days with PETsMART in Washington PA. Volunteers transport dogs and cats to the site; talk to adopters at PETsMART about animal care, the cat or dog, and our shelter; and exercise and socialize the dogs and cats during the event. In addition, volunteers transport cats to and from PETsMART when cage space becomes available. Cat Adoption Pals are administered by the Alternate Adoption Site Coordinator.
    Volunteers transport individual animals to destinations throughout the state and between states, to connect with rescue or adoption networks. The volunteers use their own vehicles for this (mileage for donated car use is tax-deductible for many people). Transporters coordinate with shelter staff and outside rescue groups, supply crates, handle communications, and make deliveries. For adoption days, volunteers transport animals to and from the location, along with shelter staff and vehicles.
    Every December, Santa Paws visits the shelter and/or PETsMART, and gets his picture taken with people and their pets. Elves are needed to assist Santa Paws, the pets, and their human companions. A volunteer elf takes the pictures.
    The Greene County Humane Society informs the public of shelter happenings via a newsletter. Volunteers write articles, affix labels to the newsletter, staple, sort, and mail.
    The shelter is very busy, and sometimes routing errands don’t get accomplished. Errand runners help shelter staff run errands, pick up supplies, transport animals to destinations, etc.
    Many animals are taken into private homes until permanent homes can be found for them. Foster Caretakers work with the foster animal(s) to socialize them and provide a stable situation until they are adopted. Kittens and puppies are especially susceptible to diseases brought in by new animal arrivals–we try to get these young animals out of the shelter environment until they have built up enough strength to fight these diseases.
    eBay, the on-line auction, is a good way to raise funds for the shelter. A volunteer eBay coordinator sells goods on behalf of the shelter.
    The shelter is a busy environment. Things break and must be fixed, or they may need to be altered. We are always in need of a handyperson to help around the shelter. Also, we need a crafty handyperson to build cat climbing-trees for our enclosed cat kennel, and to do minor repairs such as hanging pictures, etc. If you are mechanically inclined or crafty, we have a job for you!
    Maintaining the grounds of the shelter can be a good way to help and also get some exercise while having fun. Tasks include planting annual flowers, keeping grass mowed, and sprucing up the general area.
    The Humane Society of Greene County is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends solely on the generosity of its donors and fund-raising events to keep the doors open. Your donation is greatly appreciated by the Humane Society and the homeless animals which we serve. Thank you for your support.

We believe that everyone has something to offer to help our animals. If you have ideas for a new volunteer position, or another way that you can help, please let us know.

Your generous donations keep our shelter doors open.
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